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You know that fun visor you’re rocking? We can’t lie– you’re rocking the hell out of it. But a visor alone can’t fully protect you on the tennis court. That’s where sunglasses come in. When you’re on the court serving up something nasty, getting beamed in the eyeball with harmful UV rays is the last thing you want to worry about.

You need tennis sunglasses that are up to your speed– both in function and fashion. Looking for the best sunglasses to wear on the tennis court? Look no further.

What Kind of Sunglasses Do Tennis Players Wear?

Okay, so now you know that tennis sunglasses are a must– but what are the best tennis sunglasses on the market? WE’LL TELL YA.

The best sunglasses for tennis:

• Won’t slip when you sweat.
• Won’t bounce during epic diving shots.
• Give you a crisp view of the tennis ball, the court, and your rivals.
• Protect your precious peepers.
• Will match every stylish tennis getup.

That’s where we come in!!! All goodr sunglasses are no slip, no bounce, all polarised, and all fun. Sound too good to be true? IT’S NOT!!! Here’s how we do it:

All of our sunglasses have a special grip coating to prevent slippage when you’re serving, grunting, and backhanding your way to glory. And bouncing? Not in our court. Our lightweight frames were specially designed to have a snug fit, so they stay put on your noggin no matter how wild you get out there. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty, shall we? (Spoiler alert: we most def shall.)

How Can I Improve My Eyesight for Tennis?

The whole point of sunglasses is to protect your eyes and help you see clearly, so lenses are critical to choosing your perfect pair of tennis sunglasses. Depending on your visual needs, we’ve got a couple different things to keep in mind:

Where Can I Get Prescription Tennis Sunglasses?

Glasses-wearers: We see you. (See what we did there?) You love tennis AND being able to see sh*t. Don’t worry, we won’t ask if you’ve ever put a non-prescription pair of polarised sunglasses over your prescription pair because we know you almost certainly have. After years of requests, we’re over the moon to finally unveil something special we’ve been working on just for you…

Are Polarised Sunglasses Good for Tennis?

But what about our 20/20-ish friends who don’t need prescription tennis sunglasses but still want something to boost contrast and block glare on the tennis court? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. If you know goodr, you know polarised sunglasses. Why, do you ask? Because all goodr sunglasses are no slip, no bounce, all polarised, and all fun. But what are polarised sunglasses and how do they help with tennis?

Polarised lenses have a coating that filters out horizontal light. So the glare bouncing off the court and landing directly in your precious peepers causing you to become a bagel-magnet in the worst possible way? <em> (Note to self: build literal magnet for bagels.) </em> That there glare over there would be horizontal light. So blocking it will give you that clear, crisp view of the court, your crestfallen opponents, and any future bagels that may or may not be stuck to a giant magnet.

Do I Need UV Protection for Tennis?

GOOD QUESTION!!! A lot of people confuse polarization with UV protection, but they’re actually two totally separate things. Both of them are lens coatings– but whereas the polarised lens will filter out horizontal light, UV protection will block harmful UV rays from the sun that can strain and damage your eyes. Think of it like slathering a ton of thick sunblock directly into your eyes– wait, no. Think of it like literally anything else, that sounded horrible and now we can’t get the image out of our heads. IT BURNS!!! IT BUUUUUUUUUURNS!!! 

So sorry, we’re back. Where were we? Right, UV protection. It’s massively important and absolutely essential for long-term eye health. However, not all UV protection is created equal. You want to look for that top of the line UV400 protection to make sure you’re getting the maximum amount of protection from harmful rays.

So which goodr sunglasses have both polarised lenses AND UV400 protection? ALL OF ‘EM. We think it’s so important that we include it in every pair of sunnies we make. So you can focus on the important things, like coordinating them with every outrageous 80’s themed tennis outfit you and your doubles partner can find.

What Shade of Sunglasses Are Best for Tennis?

There are a wide variety of lens colors to choose from– so how do you pick the best lens shade for tennis? It all depends on how (or more importantly, when) you play!!! Different colored lenses are designed for different types of light, and this is true, the sunlight changes throughout the day.

So what color lens should you go for, specifically? If you like to get in a game early in the morning or later in the day, or if you exclusively play tennis on cloudy days (no shade, we’re all about being unabashedly yourself) then we’d recommend going for a low-light lens like our Au Revoir, Gopher, or non-reflective brown lenses like our Nine Dollar Pour Over Circle G sunnies.

But what if you love to sweat it out on the court and want next-level eye protection from bright overhead light? Try our Captain Blunt’s Red Eye in our Mach G aviator-style sunglasses or one of the OG OGs, Flamingos on a Booze Cruise.

What’s the Difference Between the Best Women’s & Men’s Tennis Sunglasses?

Welp, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that sunglasses don’t have genders, people do!!! And the bad news is– oh, wait– nope, that’s just exclusively good news!!! So stop looking for the best women's tennis sunglasses or the best men’s tennis sunglasses and pick out whatever pair of goodr shades that make you feel unabashedly yourself. We’ll make sure your shades won’t slip or bounce no matter what style of goodrs you choose.

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