Last Wednesday, goodr CEO Carl The Flamingo released “Gingham Style,” a music video parody of South Korean singer PSY’s 2012 mega-hit “Gangnam Style.” While “Gangnam Style” refers to the trendy lifestyle of the Gangnam District of Seoul, Gingham Style” refers to the dowdy lifestyle of plain-woven checkered cloth. At this writing, Carl’s video has 1,000 views and PSY’s video has 3.7 billion.

In the four minute video that many call four minutes too long, Carl does the infamous “gangham style” dance in an all-gingham suit. The sunglasses mogul is flanked by various bird and human backup dancers wearing gingham dresses, including several goodr employees and his “idiot cousin” Teddy The Turkey. Reportedly Carl spent $800,000 on the production, which mostly went to craft services, which consisted entirely of “market price” raw shrimp.

To promote the video, Carl aggressively posted links on social media and repeatedly texted links to all of his phone contacts. However, reception has been mixed, with 60% of viewers clicking “thumbs down,” and no one has shared “Gingham Style” besides Teddy The Turkey. “It is extremely unlikely the video will go viral,” said YouTube expert and beautiful genius Lily Hanson. “Carl wasted his time and money.”

The video was intended to promote goodr’s Gingham is Sooo Last Season cateye sunglasses. But evidently parodies of 8-year-old K-Pop songs are also sooo last season.